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Around the world Water companies are facing increasing and serious challenges with water scarcity, drought conditions, water leakage, asset security and rising operating costs. It is becoming mission critical to improve the management of water, one of our most precious resources.

The solution is to make water pipelines and delivery infrastructure SMARTER!

SMART Water Network technology is accelerating at an unprecedented rate and is now able to provide the platform to encompass very many new features:

  • An increased sophistication and greater distribution of sensors

  • Enhanced control of valves, pumps and processing equipment

  • Infrastructure asset condition assessment

  • Asset protection and security

SMART Water Networks, by gathering and processing these new multiple data feeds will deliver the reality of maximally efficient & fully sustainable systems:

  • Automated identification of problems & faults

  • Automated control of parameters 

  • Self-monitoring and self-healing infrastructures

  • ‘Fix-before-fail’ strategies, with rapid and in-time repairs

  • Meeting homeland security needs for water assets

More ‘high-tech’ sensors and controls bring the biggest challenge yet, a new generation of enhanced and high-speed communications is needed which can communicate with all parts of the network, regardless of its geographical location.

Fibre optic communications is only viable way to deliver the new SMART Network infrastructure:

  • Unlimited data bandwidth

  • Fully future proofed

  • The ‘Internet-of-Things’ where distributed sensors and actuators become ‘cyber devices’

  • The interconnect of any and all physical devices

The problem is that fibre optic links invariably do not exist where Water Companies need them, particularly in extra-urban, outlying and rural areas; exactly where many water assets are located. Providing these new fibre optic links is currently undertaken by traditional civil techniques (e.g. open cut trenching, directional drilling etc), which are slow to deploy, very disruptive and extremely expensive.


New techniques are urgently needed to provide the required fibre optic communications for the SMART Water Networks revolution…………

CRALEY Group have designed a number of innovative solutions to meet these challenges:

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