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Pivotel D-Series Demonstration in Teigerpoort, South Africa

Atlantis Hydrotec® FTTH D-Series is the quickest and most cost effective way forward

2016 saw continued rollout and uptake of home fibre connections in South Africa. The reality is that FTTH figures are based on homes passed and not homes connected.

When it comes to the home fibre connections, each and every home becomes a project of its own. The current status of FTTH connections, is a slow and costly process and any connection challenges only become apparent once the contractor gets on site.

In many cases these connections prove costly and face the typical challenges of different gardens types, driveways of different materials (cement, paving bricks, tar, etc.) and getting access to the home. The client just wants a quick and simple installation with the least amount of damage done to their property.

CRALEY Group's South African Partner, PIVOTEL, in conjunction with one of its partners FIBER OPTIC SERVICES & CABLING (FOSC), successfully completed a 120 meter Atlantis Hydrotec® demonstration FTTH connection, with 4 core fibre in Grootfontein Country Estate, Teigerpoort.

The installation was part of an incentive to showcase just how cost effective and quick to install the Atlantis Hydrotec® method is compared to the tedious traditional methods of open cut trenching.

PIVOTEL's CTO, Andreas Botha said "the cost and time it taken to install the Atlantis Hydrotec home drop solution certainly makes deployment quicker, up to 5 times quicker in fact. You also only require a team of only two, compared to traditional trenching, which generally requires a team of 4"

According to Mr Botha, the installation of the Atlantis Hydrotec home drop solution proved to be very successful. Two access pits were dug; one at the water meter and the other at the customer's home. The D-Series fitting was installed to the property's water supply pipe just 500mm from the water meter point and the other fitting installed a similar distance from the home.

The approved microduct or 'messenger pipe' was inserted with the greatest of ease, installing 120m by hand in a matter of minutes - no problem. The 4 core fibre unit was also easily inserted into the messenger pipe by hand.

Termination boxes were installed at each en, and the installation was complete.

During the installation the water supply was interrupted by no more than 30 minutes and the entire installation was complete within 3 hours (including installation of the fibre and the termination boxes).

More information at www.pivotel.net

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