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CRALEY Group achieves 'Grant' status for trenchless pipe relining patent

CRALEY Group is pleased to announce that its patent application for the BreezeLiner trenchless pipe relining solution has been granted.

BreezeLiner is a radical new method of re-lining existing pipes while simultaneously introducing 'messenger' tubes to carry fibre optic communications.

BreezeLiner uses space-age techniques of nano-particles and magnetic energy to laminate a multi-layer thermoplastic liner in-situ. Prior to the lamination process, the liner is a flexible, lay- flat form making it highly efficient for transportation and initial insertion into the pipe. BreezeLiner also has no shelf-life limitations.

BreezeLiner is perfect for waste water systems where flow velocities can be increased by up to 30%, it can reduce surcharge levels by up to 20%, dramatically increase asset capacity, and increase life-span by at least an additional 50 years.

The new ultra-smooth inner liner will also prevent effluent egress, water and sediment ingress and prevent invasive tree root growth, so reducing on-going maintenance costs.

In urban environments, where there are access chambers every 30-50 metres, fibre optic connectivity can also be provided via the built-in messenger tubes with optimal cost-effectiveness and very regularly placed break-out points.

The technology will also find application in many other types of pipe network where old infrastructure is failing but cost of renewal may be prohibitive, particularly where dig-replace is required.

“This technology is a dramatic shift forwards compared with the old cured-in-place CIPP re-lining. The laminate-in-place-polymer (LIPP) technique used by BreezeLiner is based on thermo-plastics which can create either a structural or non-structural liner, yet retaining a degree of flexibility to eliminate cracking due to normal slight ground movement. In comparison to CIPP, the thermoplastic LIPP BreezeLiner uses no toxic chemicals and is installed more rapidly and with minimal energy consumption, so it is a very green technology also.”

Mike Parker, Chief Technical Officer of CRALEY Group

With a global network of some 13 million kilometres of waste water pipes alone, it is estimated that up to 50% may need rehabilitation over the next 20 years creating a global market of around 300,000 km per year. This market, which is primarily urban infrastructure, is exactly where Next Generation communications networks are also required, making BreezeLiner ideally placed to satisfy both needs at the same time.

Having now achieved grant status for the patent application, CRALEY Group are are actively seeking development and manufacturing partners and distribution partners to commercialise the BreezeLIner solution.

Watch our overview animation of BreezeLiner



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