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BBC reports on the 'fibre in water' trial in South Yorkshire.

High-speed broadband cables are to be run through 11 miles (18km) of water pipes in part of South Yorkshire to avoid digging up roads.

The two-year trial would get better internet access to 8,500 homes and businesses between Barnsley and Penistone sooner, the government said.

Sensors on the fibre-optic cables would also be used to help detect leaks.

The government said, if successful, the scheme could be used more widely from 2024. Digital infrastructure minister Julia Lopez said digging up roads and land was one of the biggest obstacles to rolling out faster broadband.

Ms Lopez said work to install new ducts and poles could "increase the cost of installing broadband by four-fifths". She said running internet cables through water pipes in Barnsley would cause less disruption than digging up roads.

The scheme could be a "greener, quicker and more cost-effective" way of connecting fibre-optic cables, she added.

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