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New iSM Overview Leaflet

A new basic overview leaflet is now available for our iSM 24/7 365 Leak Detection & Asset Security Solution.

You can download your PDF copy here

Integrated Smart Monitoring (iSM™) is a technology application that can be overlaid onto an Atlantis Hydrotec® installation of fibre optic cable within a water pipeline to add significant value and benefit to water companies and owners of pipelines.

Atlantis Hydrotec® from CRALEY Group allows the highly cost-effective deployment of fibre optics using a patented ‘pipe-in-a-pipe’ technology which utilises existing water mains infrastructure to act as a conduit for the ultimate deployment of fibre optic communication cables.

iSM™ uses a sensing cable inserted within an Atlantis Hydrotec® installation to act as an extremely sensitive real-time activity monitor within the pipeline. This sensor has the ability to identify specific events, such as a leak, along the pipe infrastructure and identify the location of the event to within a few metres.

The data is captured and monitored via an iSM™ Analyser Unit, which can monitor up to 40km of pipeline. Multiple analyser units can be networked to allow the monitoring of 1,000s of kilometres of pipes from a single location, allowing rapid and pro-active engineering response to facilitate a 'fix before fail' repair before the leak turns into a major event or serious burst.

Additionally, iSM™ can be used for Third Party Intruder (TPI) detection for perimeter and road security of key asset locations and man holes, identifying unauthorised digging activity, to achieve very accurate pipe locating for GIS plotting and leak site identification, and much more.

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