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iSM™ deployment for Aigües de Vic in Gurb, Spain

World's first Integrated Smart Monitoring deployment in Gurb, Spain

CRALEY Group recently completed the world's first installation of iSM™ system for the Spanish company Aigües de Vic. The Aigües de Vic holding serves the towns of Vic, Gurb, Santa Cecília de Voltregà, Muntanyola and Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer, and the surrounding countryside area, in the Osona region of Catalonia in Spain.

It is a location which includes both towns and a large rural area with a distributed population, and with many outlying farms and industries.

The iSM technology uses a Sensing Cable deployed inside the water main pipes to perform distributed acoustic sensing along the pipe run.

iSM™ Sensing Cable layout for Aigües de Vic

Using iSM™ Aigües de Vic will be able to reach a new dimension in monitoring, control and protection of its water network. Using the vibration detection performed by thousands of virtual sensors distributed as closely as every 3 meters, iSM™ can:

  • Accurately detect leaks of any size both in plastic and in metal pipes. Allowing Aigües de Vic to audit their existing network to identify any pre-existing leasks, and to live detect new leaks, allowing the water company to work in a fix-before-fail strategy.

  • Protect critical assets of the company with TPi (third party intrusion) detection. The sensing cable surrounds two critical water company reservoirs, that are isolated in-field and therefore are vulnerable to malicious attacks. The Sensing Cable is extremely sensitive and can detect the footfall of intruders in its vicinity, in addition to many other features, such as traffic movement, digging, fence climbing and cutting and lid lifting.

  • Control the current water service connections: The water company is able to monitor and control existing service taps in its water network. Allowing monitoring to control what existing taps are active and to identify and prevent illegal taps in the network..

“This remarkable new technology was a dramatic improvement over all of the existing technologies that we considered. We have been hugely impressed with the accuracy of results and the real-time generation of alerts. It has allowed us to map pre-existing leaks and implement an effective fix-before-fail strategy.

The third-party intrusion detection capability has provided an additional layer of security for us, helping protect our key assets and reservoirs from malicious damage and terrorism.”

Guillem Treserra, General Manager of Aigües de Vic

iSM portal raising an amber alarm.

Aigües de Vic chose iSM instead of other existing leak detection system in the market because its powerful features which provide:

  • The only in-pipe distributed leak detection system. Achieving a high immunity to false alarms and detecting leaks up to 10 times smaller than some other systems. Depending on the conditions, iSM can detect leaks smaller than 0.5 l/min (0.125 gallon/min).

  • A fully integrated system encompassing both leak detection and third-party intrusion.

  • A system which monitors on a full 24/7 365 basis.

This deployment was a world first and has fully proved the enormous advantage of a true in-pipe leak detection system with 24/7 365 real-time alerting of events. It has given Aigües de Vic the ability to manage their network in a way that has never been possible previously.

We believe that Water Companies around the world will gain significant benefits from this innovative new technology, as a key component of their SMART Water Network strategies”

Andy Harris, Founder & CEO of CRALEY Group

Aigües de Vic has been running the system over a 15km length of water main, but following the outstanding performance of iSM, the company is now planning to expand the system to an additional 14km of network. This expansion is planned for the end of 2018.

Atlantis Hydrotec® iSM overview video.

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