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True-Fiber Home Drops Made Easy

Yes, over 95% of homes have a ready-made conduit running directly from the property to the home, which is perfect for connecting the home to true-fiber broadband with the minimum of fuss.

What's more, this conduit makes it simple to make a 10m (30 ') connection as it would be to make a 100m (300') connection.
  • No requirement to dig trenches across the home-owners driveway

  • No risk of 'striking' other services; gas, electric etc.

  • Suitable for use in single-dwelling units (SDU) or a multi-dwelling units (MDU)

Ironically, this ready-made conduit is called a 'supply pipe' and its the pipe that supplies drinking water to over 95% of homes.

This 'supply pipe' is already there, and is ready and waiting to assist ISPs, Altnets and Community Broadband schemes to 'supply' fiber, directly to the home ... true FTTH!

By utilizing the patented Atlantis Hydrotec® 'pipe-in-a-pipe' home-drop kit, it is possible to insert a small-bore Messenger Pipe inside the existing 'supply pipe' which is suitable for installing fiber-optic cables, without the cables ever coming into contact with the water.

This Messenger Pipe, is in fact just a small-bore version of modern water pipes. It's made of the same material, albeit of a higher grade, and is approved and certified by international water standards.

Connecting to fiber cable from the street up to home or building is one of the main problem areas in FTTH deployments.

Due to the variability encountered with each property, the final 'home-drop' can be very problematic ... in fact, each home-drop deployment presents its own unique challenges.

Why use Atlantis Hydrotec®?
  • Rapid deployment regardless of run length, terrain type, or of the surface finish

  • Cost saving of over 50% compared with traditional techniques

  • Non-invasive technique that does not require trenching, directional drilling or ugly aerial deployment

  • Minimal disruption for the homeowner

  • Better, faster, cheaper

  • ECO and environmentally friendly

  • Potential for fixed-price installations

The Atlantis Hydrotec® solution has been successfully deployed in the UK, USA, Spain, the Middle East, South Africa and New Zealand.

For more information and to discuss your particular requirements, contact us now ... www.craley.com

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