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CRALEY Group - Invited to talk at two conferences in Cape Town, South Africa.

CTO of CRALEY Group presented Atlantis Hydrotec® and iSM™ in WISA and Isle's TAG conferences.

CRALEY Group was honoured to have been asked to present at two conferences in Cape Town, South Africa - the WISA (Water Industries of Southern Africa) conference on 26th June and the Isle Utilities TAG (Technology Access Group) conference on 28th June.

“We were very proud to have been asked to address these two conferences. Southern Africa is facing severe problems and our invitations to present demonstrate how key our solutions are seen for the region. Atlantis Hydrotec® and iSM™ is a winning combination of technologies to help dramatically reduce the unnecessary loss of water from leaks and provide the infrastructure for the new SMART Water Networks.”

Andy Harris, CEO of CRALEY Group

In common with many other parts of the world, the region is facing a growing population, rising urbanisation and drought conditions. Cape Town itself is now in a situation of severe water-stress with a Category 5 water-shortage crisis.

The theme of the presentations was how CRALEY Group’s innovative solutions could form a strategic part of the challenge for water-efficiency, helping to ensure that there is enough water for the people, economy and environment – both now and into the future.

“Atlantis Hydrotec® allows Water Companies to create their own Next Generation ultra-fast fibre-optic networks for the move to SMART Water Networks with unlimited inter-connection capability of the increasing number and sophistication of monitor, sensor and actuator equipment. The iSM™ solution which operates over the deployed fibre provided 24/7/365 in-pipe monitoring via distributed sensing which allows event to be identified in seconds, with an accuracy down to 1 metre over a 40 Km route, providing unparalleled leak detection as well as many other events. iSM™ can also be used to simultaneously provide high-level enhanced security and third-party intruder detection for key water assets.”

Mike Parker, CTO of CRALEY Group

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