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Live Atlantis Hydrotec® iSM Demo | Barcelona, Spain |

Today, in conjunction with our Spanish partners, Fibraigua, is the start of a live demonstration of our iSM Pipeline Condition Monitoring solution.

For the purposes of this live demonstration, our iSM Analyser unit has been connected via an existing Atlantis Hydrotec® 'pipe-in-a-pipe' installation to a 17km segment of the live trunk water network in Gurb, Spain.

At various locations along the 17km trunk main we have prepared a number of simulated leaks of varying sizes to demonstrate how the system provides real-time alerts and location of any leaks, to an accuracy of within a few metres.

There is also a demonstration of the TPi capabilities of the iSM solution, which is located around the perimeter of a local water storage facility.

Over the next 2 weeks we have water companies from many countries attending the demonstration.

Keep an eye on our website news page for further updates.

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