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CRALEY Group Newsletter #4

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CRALEY Group win Washington State project

The project is one step in replacing the the city’s radio-based telemetry system used to control the sewer and water systems. The new system will also serve as a backbone to eventually allow residents and businesses access to broadband. Northwest Open Access Network or NoaNet, a municipal nonprofit corporation, is helping the city design and manage the project... more

CRALEY Group appoint ELSACO Group

CRALEY Group is pleased to announce the appointment of ELSACO Group as its Atlantis Hydrotec technology partner for Romania and Moldova.

ELSACO is one of the largest multi-services companies in the Romania, encompassing energy, water, civil engineering, networking and communications. Customers include utilities, municipalities, government and private enterprises...more

500m FTTH Install - Faster than Usain Bolt?

A recent rural install carried out by our Spanish partner, Fibraigua, had a number of specific challenges including a railway bridge, farmland and 2 road crossings. Yet the install was completed in just 2 hours - Faster than Usain Bolt? Well, maybe not, but in FTTH connection terms, it's a worthy record! :)

Typical FTTH home-drop links within the northern Osana region of Catalonia range from 300m to 1,000m in length and would very simply be either impossible or far too costly to provide with a home-drop fibre using traditional techniques.

This link was 500m in length, had to cross large areas of farmland, 2 road crossings and 1 railway bridge. All of which are particular challenges when using traditional methods, however, CRALEY Group's patented Atlantis Hydrotec solution proved a real benefit on this link...more

CRALEY Group extends agreement with Fibraigua to cover the whole of Spain

CRALEY Group is pleased to announce that due to the success of the Fibraigua team it has extended its Partnership Agreement to include the whole of Spain.

Aigues de Vic and its management company ATCA were among the very first to engage with CRALEY Group to deliver its Atlantis Hydrotec system, allowing fibre optic communications to be integrated into the potable water system, essentially re-purposing pipe infrastructure to combine the two key utilities of water and ultra-fast broadband. They have been so successful, with now over 50km of deployed fibre optics, that they formed a company, FibraAigua, specifically to promote and install the system...more

Fibraigua's Director, Joan Vilaseca

CRALEY Group achieve 'Grant' status for its BreezeLiner patent

BreezeLiner uses space-age techniques of nano-particles and magnetic energy to laminate a multi-layer thermoplastic liner in-situ. Prior to the lamination process, the liner is a flexible, lay- flat form making it highly efficient for transportation and initial insertion into the pipe. BreezeLiner also has no shelf-life limitations... more

BreezelIner, a trenchless method of relining existing pipes whilst simultaneously delivering fibre optic communication cables


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