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CRALEY Group extends agreement with Fibraigua to whole of Spain

CRALEY Group is pleased to announce that due to Fibraigua's exceptional success within Catalonia, that it has extended its Partnership Agreement to cover the whole of Spain.

Aigues de Vic and its management company ATCA were among the very first to engage with CRALEY Group to deliver its patented Atlantis Hydrotec solution, which facilitates fibre optic communications to be integrated into the potable water system; essentially re-purposing pipe infrastructure to combine the two key utilities of water and ultra-fast broadband.

Aigues de Vic have been so successful with the Atlantis Hydrotec solution, with over 50,000 linear metres of fibre optics now deployed by utilising the solution, that they formed a seperate company, Fibraigua, specifically to promote and install CRALEY Group solutions.

Andy Harris, CEO of CRALEY Group commented “Fibraigua recognised the potential of utilising existing infrastructure to deploy fibre optics, particularly in rural locations, right from the outset. They were a pioneering, early-adoptor partner and have proved an extremely valuable part of the CRALEY Group family. This territory extension is in recognition of their extraordinary efforts and loyalty; I wish them every success, and I look forward to seeing Fibraigua continuing to go from strength to strength"

Talking about the extension in their territory, Joan Vilaseca commented:

"We are very enthusiastic about the extension of our relationship with CRALEY Group. Getting the whole of the Spanish State is a great challenge and a great opportunity for Fibraigua.

From experience gained during the many Atlantis Hydrotec deployments we have made in the Catalonian region of Spain, we believe that we are ideally placed to expand our operations to the rest of Spain and achieve many projects.

Generally, many fibre optic projects which rely on traditional techniques are impossible to realise due to high economic and environmental cost. Using the patented Atlantis Hydrotec 'pipe-in-a-pipe' solution we are able to overcome these issues by sharing infrastructures within different services.

Using existing water pipes provides a more rational management of our resources; it provides a benefit to the population and guarantees accessibility to all services. It is a great opportunity for us to materialise the 2020 challenge.

Since establishing Fibraigua, we have experienced very rapid growth and interest in the Atlantis Hydrotec solution and we have evaluated around 40 different locations; each with their own specific scenarios, peculiarities and needs. The majority of these locations are within the provinces of Barcelona and Girona, but also in Tarragona and Lleida. Covering communities, rural and urban, from the Pyrenees to the coast.

These scenarios have been developed in the study, project and / or executive project phases. Some of which we are close to closing for its materialisation.

Fibraigua have invested heavily in this business and are able to offer a full, turn-key solution to our customers. We have believed in CRALEY Group solutions since the beginning and we are very proud to be part of CRALEY's family. This new opportunity to expand our business in Spain is a great reward for the effort of the Fibraigua team and we very much appreciate the opportunity."

Fibraigua has an impressive thirty active projects currently in discussion, including a major Catalonia-wide network; the future looks extremely promising for Fibraigua and for Spain.

For more information, please visit www.fibraigua.com

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