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CRALEY Group attend iWater with Fibraigua

Atlantis Hydrotec will be attending the iwater exhibition in Barcelona together with our partner Fibraigua.

The exhibition starts today the 15th November and runs until the 17th November at the Gran Via Venue in Barcelona and is an opportunity for recognized companies and brands in the industry to present their latest innovations, trends and services relevant to the sector.

Our valued partner, Fibraigua, will be showcasing our innovative 'Pipe-in-a-Pipe' solutions designed specifically for deployment of high speed fibre optic communication cables utilising existing water infrastructure.

The exhibition stand will include samples and displays of:

  • Atlantis Hydrotec D-Series

  • Designed specifically for a fast and effective solution to the 'Home Drop' or 'Last Yard' connection

  • The D-Series is designed to be 'direct buried' to further reduce deployment costs

  • Atlantis Hydrotec M-Series

  • Designed for mid-sized pipes - 40 - 110mm with low flow velocities; <2m/s

  • Also suitable for use within Multi-Dwelling Units - MDUs

  • Atlantis Hydrotec T-Series

  • This is the 'jewel in the crown' solution designed for point-to-point (P2P) core network connections

  • Suitable for use in pipes of any material >110m with high flow velocities

  • Featured a special armoured 'pipe-in-a-pipe' to further enhance the durability of the solution

Click this link for more information on the exhibition: http://www.iwaterbarcelona.com/en/home

Further information about our partner, Fibraigua, and the services they offer can be found on this link http://fibraigua.com

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