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Network expansion connects rural school to high speed fibre broadband using Atlantis Hydrotec M-Seri

The expansion of the European Broadband 2015 winning fibre network in Vic, near Barcelona, using the Atlantis Hydrotec 'pipe in a pipe' solution is continuing at a rapid pace.

The network is being deployed by CRALEY Group's Catalonian partner Fibraigua (www.fibraigua.com) supported by telecommunications operator Guifi.net.

Today, together with CRALEY Group Chief Engineer Neil Smith, ATCA have completed a connection to a rural school. The beautiful school building is located at the end of a long access road in a stunning rural location and had no access to any form of broadband.

The Atlantis Hydrotec M-Series solution was used to traverse 550m via the water pipes to make the connection and allow the insertion of fibre optic cable which will provide the school with access to high speed broadband. The pipe in a pipe solution allows long distances to be covered quickly without the need to carry out time consuming and disruptive civil works such us trenching. The approved micro duct ensures that the fibre cable is protected and never comes into contact with the water whilst the patented M series adaptors provide a quick and efficient means of connecting to the water pipe.

Impressively the installation of the M series adaptors and the approved micro duct was completed in 1 hour.

Commenting on this, Mike Parker, CTO of CRALEY Group noted “The projects in Barcelona amply demonstrate the significant cost and time benefits of our fibre delivery solutions. One of the highlights so far of the on-going Phase 3 implementations was the connection of a rural school, completed in an incredible 1 hour for a 550m run down a long access road. This small local school has gone from no internet access at all to a blistering 100Mbs, and connection would simply not have been financially viable using any other technique.”

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