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Atlantis Hydrotec for the 'Last yard' connection

The Atlantis Hydrotec Hydrotec 'Last Yard' or ‘Home Drop’ Solution

The final few tens of metres, the actual fibre connection to a home from the street, are the most expensive section per metre of an FTTH network build, this follows an old utility saying that “ the closer you get to a home the bigger the bill”, and this applies for many services.

There is an infinite variety of home drops required, via gardens, driveways, and often with ornate or expensive finishes. If a home drop can be achieved via an existing aerial infrastructure this may appear to solve a problem, but often the on-going operational costs of paying an annual right of way (ROW) to the pole owners can mean the total cost of ownership (TCO) is dramatically higher than the initial CAPEX only would suggest.

The nightmare for service providers and operators is the highly variable home drop costs, particularly if there are long distances from the street to the home. Generally significant funds need to be put aside to cover for liability and contingency for damage to drives or gardens and the inevitable service strikes that can and do happen when trenching.

Atlantis Hydrotec is a highly innovative and unique solution that overcomes this problem. It allows delivery of the home drop fibre via the existing fresh water feed pipe that services most properties. It requires only a small pit to be dug at the street end, by the stop-valve, and at the property wall. A small section of water pipe is removed and the special Atlantis Hydrotec fitting is installed. A small-bore messenger pipe-duct is inserted down the water pipe to the far end, and special seals in the fittings create a gas-tight, water and pressure-proof connection. The fibre is blown down the messenger pipe and on-bound connected at both ends.

The Atlantis Hydrotec solution and all its components have been fully tested and approved by WRAS in the UK and certified by NSF/ANSI in the USA. It is completely safe in that the optical fibre is fully isolated from the water and has a survivability and pressure rating that exceeds the water pipe itself.

Installation is quick and easy, requiring generally only a trained installer and a labourer as a team of two. Most importantly the on-site install time is not likely to exceed two hours and is conducted with a bare minimum of disruption, requiring no heavy machinery and producing virtually no spoil. The internal messenger pipe can be run for up to 500m in the water pipe and is fully independent of the intervening surface. The system is ideal then for standard residential properties including those with large plots or long drives and rural areas.

Atlantis Hydrotec is a holy grail solution for service providers and operators, allowing the potential for a cost-effective and fixed price home fibre delivery, virtually regardless of the length of run, the terrain type or the surface finish.


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