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The Role of CRALEY Fibre™ in Next Generation 5G Technology

Roll-out of the Next Generation 5G mobile networks is going to become a global economic, technological and social imperative.

Since the original inception of mobile phones in the early 1980s, the technology behind the systems has improved exponentially, leading so far to:

  • A ten-fold compound increase of data speeds every ten years

  • A five-fold compound increase in the number of cells every ten years

  • and we can now expect these rates to increase yet further

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The silos separating ‘fixed-line’ and ‘mobile’ have been rapidly breaking down and the emergence of 5G mobile is completing this process. As mobile networks increasingly depend on fibre connectivity the cost of non-convergence, will ultimately paid by the citizens of a country and its economy.

5G will need not just fibre optic back-haul to its Next Generation cells, but also an entire fibre optic front-haul ‘eco-system’ to support the networks.

As data speeds will dramatically increase with 5G mobile over previous generations, so the cell coverage areas are dramatically reducing, leading to the so-called ‘small cells tsunami’ – in other words fibre optics literally everywhere to support the large number of new small cells, regardless of location.

Added to this is that due to the convergence of fixed-line and mobile access within the communications industry, Mobile Operators are increasingly looking to expand their service offerings to include fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) to be able to deliver ‘holistic’ connectivity and gain broader and more sustainable revenues.

Yet despite the demand and economic imperative for fibre ‘densification’, roll-out is hampered in most countries simply by the cost and slow rate of deployment. This is particularly so in extra-urban, outlying and rural areas due to the long distances involved and relatively low population densities.

Providing these new fibre optic links is currently mostly undertaken by traditional civil techniques (e.g. open cut trenching, directional drilling etc), which are slow to deploy, very disruptive and extremely expensive. New techniques are urgently needed to provide the required fibre optic communications for both the 5G mobile and FTTH revolutions…………


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