CRALEY Sensing™ is a technology application that can be overlaid onto an CRALEY Fibre™ installation of fibre optic cable within a water pipeline to add significant value and benefit to water companies and owners of pipelines.

CRALEY Fibre™ allows the highly cost-effective deployment of fibre optics using a patented ‘pipe-in-a-pipe’ technology which utilises existing water mains infrastructure to act as a conduit for the ultimate deployment of fibre optic communication cables.

CRALEY Sensing™ uses a sensing cable to act as an extremely sensitive real-time activity monitor within the pipeline. This sensor has the ability to identify specific events, such as a leak, along the pipe infrastructure and identify the location of the event to within a few metres.

The data is captured and monitored via a CRALEY Sensing™ Analyser Unit, which can monitor up to 40km of pipeline. Multiple analyser units can be networked to allow the monitoring of 1,000s of kilometres of pipes from a single location, allowing rapid and pro-active engineering response to facilitate a 'fix before fail' repair before the leak turns into a major event or serious burst.

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Additionally, CRALEY Sensing™ can be used for Third Party Intruder (TPI) detection for perimeter and road security of key asset locations and man holes, identifying unauthorised digging activity, to achieve very accurate pipe locating for GIS plotting and leak site identification, and much more.

Key Features

CRALEY Sensing™ uses an in-pipe sensing cable for pipeline monitoring and intruder security to deliver rapid and highly accurate information on pipe integrity and intruder threat detection. The technology combines the capture and analytic capabilities of a primary Analyser Unit with advanced software algorithms to process the collected data to deliver:

  • Highly accurate location of leak events in real-time 24/7 365

  • Rapid identification and alerts – for the economic protection of thousands of kilometres of pipeline

  • Ensuring repairs can be facilitated before a situation becomes critical

  • Dramatic cost savings for repairs, and improvements in service continuity to customers

  • Asset intrusion detection

  • Accurate in-ground pipe location

Example of an on-screen amber leak alert providing exact location data on a map
Detecting leaks and Bursts in real time

Identifying a pipeline leak is a high priority, a leak can be apparent from excessive water losses, but locating a leak is very difficult to achieve without the right systems in place (in rural areas it may be hard to track a leak down to within a 15km diameter).

Although there have been several developments in pipeline monitoring technology, these systems have limitations in that they rely on discrete detectors, and where each detector also needs a data backhaul system. A very large number of detectors needs to be deployed to provide anything that could provide valuable data an even any form of accuracy. So, overcoming these limitations results in the need for installation of multiple inter-linked & back-hauled detector systems, which makes it cost-prohibitive to effectively monitor long pipe runs and the various leak scenarios.

iSM™ technology raises the bar on pipeline monitoring, by delivering a single system that detects even small leaks fast and reliably, in real-time over very extended distances and to an accuracy of metres.

The value of a distribution detector system

The CRALEY Sensing™ pipeline monitoring system allows you to detect and identify the location of leak events along the full extent of your pipelines.

Instead of relying on multiple discrete sensors and inaccurate computational assumptions, this system transforms a standard telecommunication fibre optic cable into a fully distributed sensor capable of detecting the characteristics of a leak in real time by analysing the data from the up to 12,000 ‘virtual sensors’ and applying latest generation signal processing to identify events using CRALEY's sophisticated Sensor Result Profiling (SRP).


It not only provides dramatically improved sensitivity, it delivers the reliability required to identify and validate leaks faster and with more confidence.

Once connected to CRALEY Sensing™ equipment (installed every 40km), this pipeline monitoring system monitors the entire pipeline and surrounding facilities and assets, providing uninterrupted and secure data updates continuously. This means you can detect the presence and location of very small leaks in a matter of minutes, while also protecting critical infrastructure from external threats and intruders.

The CRALEY Sensing™ pipeline monitoring system, simply interfaces into the pre-installed sensing cable within a CRALEY Fibre™ installation for delivering high speed broadband and adds a leak detection feature you can rely on a to provide a single solution that strengthens the overall integrity management program and ensures that necessary repairs can be accurately and cost-effectively made on a fix before fail basis averting the potential for a minor leak to turn into a major event or a catastrophic pipe failure.

Lower installation and operational costs with flexible design

With a single and distributed system, you eliminate unnecessary spend on multiple sensor hardware (and the associated power supply, back-haul and operational costs), so you can invest in acquiring the most important things - the real-time information required for optimal pipeline management and ensuring any identified problems are rapidly resolved.

Pipelines stretching long distances or with a large geographical coverage require a system that can easily adapt to regional requirements. The CRALEY Sensing™ pipeline monitoring system offers you the flexibility to customise a monitoring solution with detector applications that satisfy the specific demands of your pipeline environment. Multiple pipe sections can be easily monitored from a single Analyser Unit simply by splicing the fibre from one section to the next.


Multiple Analyser Units can be networked to allow data to be gathered from multiple long pipe runs and assets and processed at a central location, providing for a speedy engineering response to the exact location of the identified problem anywhere in the infrastructure.


CRALEY Sensing™ is an ideal accompanying technology to the CRALEY Fibre™ solution of deploying fibre optics within the exiting water main systems.


It further leverages the value of the deployed fibre to deliver a solution for a Water Company that combines both highly accurate and maximally responsive leak monitoring and detection, allowing leaks to be identified and repaired in a fashion that has never previously been possible, saving both cost and disruption.


Asset protection and intruder detection are becoming key requirements for key water infrastructure.


The ability to highly accurately map underground pipes and identify accurate sub-ground location of pipes for leak repair offers even further value.

CRALEY Sensing™ forms a key part of the Smart Network Infrastructure initiatives that all Water Companies are now striving to achieve.

 CRALEY Sensing™ Technology

The primary CRALEY Sensing™ Analyser Unit can provide greater than 12,000 ‘Virtual’ sensors spaced along a sensing cable on up to 40km of pipe in one continuous run:

  • Multiple Analyser Units can be networked to provide coverage of 1000s of km. With co-located Analyser Units, the system can monitor up to 80km between power locations and is passive along its length requiring no power or other active equipment

  • The technology is proven worldwide, and is now protecting pipelines globally

  • The complete system is exceptionally reliable with all CRALEY Sensing™ electronics being rugged, field quality hardware matching the robustness of sensing cables utilised which are highly durable, zero maintenance and reliable

CRALEY Sensing™ 


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