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The Municipality of Tavèrnoles deploys CRALEY Fibre™  to allow broadband

access to the rural population

The Client:

Tavèrnoles is a municipality in the region of Osona in Catalonia, Spain.

The municipality of Tavèrnoles has 316 inhabitants and a terrain surface of 18,8 Km2, with different small centres of population and many single properties due to the farming, agriculture and other rural activities.

The Installer:

ATCA is one of the companies inside the AVSA Group, they were pioneers deploying CRALEY Fibre™ solution in the municipality of Gurb. The holding group has long experience in managing the water service and asset, as well as the hydraulic works in general.

The Problem:

In common with many other rural areas have to cover very long distances to bring connectivity to all the population distributed on the municipality’s territory, the Municipality of Tavèrnoles wanted to interconnect with a trunk network the two biggest centres of population and a lot of scattered properties between them.

The biggest issues are always technical and economical, due to it is very challenging to use conventional techniques to deploy fibre optics in a hilly, rocky and rural region. Moreover, the cost in budget and time to achieve such a deployment for a small number of inhabitants use to make it just unaffordable.

The Solution:

CRALEY Fibre is a patented “in-pipe” solution to deploy fibre optics within the existing potable water pipelines.

The water grade approved solution of CRALEY Group allowed the Municipality of Tavèrnoles to deploy a point-to-point trunk network of 7 Km.

The overall length of the deployment was achieved splicing 16 different but continuous links, due to a significant number of valves, hydraulic accessories or previsions for the distribution of FTTH.

The chosen Messenger Pipe was a 10/6mm conduit to allocate a micro-cable of 24FU using blowing technique whence the Messenger Pipe was already deployed inside the pipelines.

The full deployment of the CRALEY Fibre solution was achieved in less than 3-weeks time (12 working days). The required previous civil works to have access to all the manholes, pipes and/or the construction of new ones whence required not included.

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The Testimonials:

“The aim of the Council is to facilitate broadband access to the largest number of inhabited houses in the municipality.

The wide dispersion of houses and the challenging terrain makes the Atlantis Hydrotec® solution, using the existing potable water infrastructure, be the best available one.

The investment done by the Council made possible to connect with fibre optics the downtown of the village with the neighbourhood of Fussimanya, deploying through twenty disseminated farms in Savassona’s region. It brings easier access to the broadband for all these homeowners to connect to the municipal trunk network, as well as all the population who lives in Fussimanya’s neighbourhood.”

Carles Banús, Mayor of The Municipality of Tavèrnoles

​“CRALEY Group is very pleased to see another successful deployment in a rural region to empower the disseminated population of a municipality bringing access to the fibre optics.


It proves again how much Atlantis Hydrotec® is able to help the Councils, independently of how big or small are, to deploy fibre optic networks to bring telecommunications to their inhabitants in urban and rural areas in a quicker, cheaper and more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.”


Commercial Director - CRALEY Group

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