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The Role of CRALEY Fibre™ for Communication Providers

It is one of the biggest challenges of our time, how to cost-effectively roll-out new fibre optic infrastructures to address the need of Next Generation ultra-fast broadband in outlying and rural regions.

There is now a race against time for Communications and Internet Service Providers to address the extra-urban markets, since the first company to provide true fibre optic broadband in a region will likely hoover-up the entire market and make it unviable for another vendor to over-build, they will push-out any incumbent cable provider and permanently own the new customer base.

Despite the benefits of being ‘first-in’, the issue to be addressed though is that of relatively long distances to be covered and lower population density :

  • High capital cost per connection

  • Long deployment times

  • Extended time-to-market

  • Lower return-on-investment

Where aerial deployment is feasible, it is a popular choice. But in many locations it may not be available, existing poles may be already fully loaded or the physical condition of poles may require many to be replaced prior to further loading. Aerial also has disadvantages of vulnerability to highly adverse weather conditions, and generally the requirement for on-going rental for usage.

Civil techniques are often the main-stay of deployment to outlying regions :

  • Traditional open-cut trenching

  • Direction drill & thrust bore

While these techniques are broadly the only other options available, they have a number of disadvantages :

  • Slow deployment rate

  • High cost per metre/foot

  • Extensive permits-to-work, easement agreements/negotiations, way-leaves

Many governments around the world are recognising the need to stimulate fibre optic delivery to lower population density and rural locations and providing grants and economic assistance to subsidise installation. These grants are providing a once in a life-time opportunity to provide fibre optic coverage. What is required though are new, more rapid and more cost-effective technologies for fibre deployment to further maximise and leverage these grants to gain the maximum benefit of the government funding.

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