The feed factory Esporc S.A. install fiber optics

The feed factory Esporc S.A., located in the city of Tona, near Barcelona, ​​is now connected to fiber optics thanks to the collaboration between the Catalan telecommunications operator Emagina ( and CRALEY Group.

The problem

Esporc S.A. is an important feed company located about 500 meters from the city of Tona, in Barcelona.

As the Esporc facilities are located far from the urban area of ​​the city, the company did not have broadband access and the costs and deadlines to obtain a connection using conventional techniques were very high.

The solution

The company Esporc has a pipeline that is used for the elimination of raw water in the municipal sewer system. This pipeline was a single section of 550 meters in length; approximately the same distance between the installation and the access point closest to the optical fiber.

The answer was to use the Atlantis Hydrotec M-Series solution, which uses the existing infrastructure for the delivery of fiber optic cables by introducing a "Messenger Pipe" into the water pipes.

Using the Atlantis Hydrotec "pipe-in-a-pipe" technology from CRALEY Group, we were able to install the 5mm Messenger Pipe, which is manufactured with HDPE suitable for food use, inside the existing 90mm diameter polyethylene tube.

The Messenger Pipe, which included a pre-installed 4-fiber cable package, was inserted through the special Atlantis Hydrotec pressure fittings directly at the Esporc facility.

This installation was made in the following way:

  • The access ports to the existing water pipes were adapted as required.

  • The Atlantis Hydrotec M series installation accessories were installed at the entry and exit points of the raw water pipe inside the manholes.

  • The "Messenger Pipe" pipe approved by Atlantis Hydrotec was implemented, with the package of 4 fibers pre inserted.

  • The "Messenger Pipe" was inserted using water and a special sponge. Using the water and the sponge, the "Messenger Pipe" was installed along the entire route of the pipe without any problems.

  • Then an additional amount of "Messenger Pipe" was placed to allow access to the fiber connection box.

  • Once the "Messenger Pipe" went to the connection box, the Atlantis Hydrotec attachments were fixed, properly labeled and the necessary registration documents were supplemented.

  • The telecommunications operator, Emagina, assumed the responsibility of connecting the fibers to the customer.

This application shows the perfect harmony and integration of the existing water infrastructure and fiber optics.

The Atlantis Hydrotec product from CRALEY Group allows a very fast installation at a very low cost, which makes it viable both in technical and economic terms; making possible the installations where traditional techniques are not feasible.

CRALEY Group solutions represent a paradigm shift in the construction and management of infrastructure by using existing infrastructures and sharing the same channel for different services.

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