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CRALEY Fibre™ makes Priston residents happier

CRALEY Group Limited completed an installation of the CRALEY Fibre™ in Priston, a rural area near Bath. The solution was selected as the means to connect the houses to the main fiber network. The houses are located about 450 meters from the nearest road. The length and construction of the runway to the home, and the underlying terrain conditions also meant that traditional methods of excavation would be expensive and damaging. The use of the domestic water pipe allowed a faster installation time with a minimum interruption in service.

The final result means that owners now enjoy fully symmetric 100 Mb / s optical fiber provided by ISP True Speed ​​Communications Ltd.

Speaking of the installation, one of the neighbors said:
"This new fiber service has been an absolute change of life for me and my family. Previously, we worked at 0.1MBs most of the time, through an Internet connection I was impressed by the innovative approach of CRALEY Group that delivers the fiber from the road to our home using our domestic water supply connection, which means we do not need large excavations for the installation" .

Mike Parker, Technical Director of CRALEY Group, added:
"The CRALEY Fibre™ solution is ideal for use on longer runs, and is independent of the surface and terrain finish." This particular link was at a significant distance, and it was not without challenges, however, the flexibility and adaptability of CRALEY Fibre
™ allowed us to overcome them easily ".

CRALEY Group FTTH FTTx Home Drop Install
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