Municipalities, by their nature, have the best interests and well-being of their citizens as their primary concern.

As the march towards the new ‘Digital Age’ continues apace, the issue of Next Generation Broadband is rapidly heading to the top of the agenda in most extra-urban, outlying and rural communities. Indeed, it is also becoming a highly political issue too, where the promises made for action on the delivery of fibre-optic ‘Ultra-Fast’ access for a region are beginning to actually swing elections and the appointments of city officials.

Community Broadband FTTH Self Reliance Next Generation

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Community Broadband Schemes

The Role of Atlantis Hydrotec® in Community Broadband Schemes

The reasons for this are clear, the mainstream broadband providers focus their efforts and delivery on regions of high population density where the return-on-investment can be maximised.

By delivering fibre broadband to their region, municipalities can break the ever-growing chasm of the ‘Digital-Divide’ which is increasingly disadvantaging more outlying locations, allowing them to directly and significantly benefit their citizens:

  • Encourage re-population and prevent de-population

  • Improve property values

  • Bring new investment into a region

  • Attract new Digital Age businesses

  • Re-stimulate and kick-start economies

  • Improve delivery of education and health-care

  • Enhanced 4G & 5G mobile coverage

  • Allow new SMART City technologies to be deployed

Many governments around the world are recognising the dramatic problems that are being experienced by lower population density and rural locations and providing economic assistance to stimulate self-help for municipalities in arranging for their own fibre optic broadband where the mainstream operators are failing to deliver.

Where a municipality fulfils its own ultra-fast broadband infrastructure there are additional benefits as well as helping to re-empower their citizens. In many locations municipalities also own their Water Companies so the new fibre optic infrastructure can become a key part of the new SMART Water Networks that are so urgently needed to improve the efficiency and sustainability of delivery of this most important resource.

As well as reducing in-house data-circuit costs and improving services to citizens, municipalities will also be able to see new high-value and long-term revenue streams based on a fibre optic infrastructure through:

  • Internet Service Providers

  • Education & health

  • Blue-light services

  • Mobile operators

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