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Fibre installation under 4 Lane highway 

The City of Anacortes recently installed fibre for leak detection and communications for residents. This may sound like a challenging task on a normal day but add a 4 lane highway with protected wetland on one side and industrial units on the other its becomes more than a challenge.

That said, if there was a readily available conduit to deploy the fibre down, it would easier, quicker and not cause as much disruption.

This is where CRALEY comes in.

CRALEY provided the ability to deploy fibre into the water supply pipe network that ran across the city making fibre deployment far easier and quicker. 

This technology avoided all the traditional challenges and "roadblocks" such as:

  • Road closures

  • Public disruption

  • Multiple permits

  • Traffic management

roundabout social.png

The complete installation is over 20KM in distance and passes through multiple jurisdictions which would have caused lengthy delays if permits were required. By using the water supply pipe this avoided all the traditional challenges and each section was achieved in far less time compared to trenching or overhead. 

This section of the highway would have caused sever delays and would have required traffic management as it is a main highway causing public disruption for months but instead it was achieved without disruption and in a matter of days.

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