Atlantis Hydrotec® is a patented

'Pipe-in-a-Pipe' solution for delivering high speed communication cables

through existing water infrastructure

The infrastructure is already there... so why not use it?




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Atlantis Hydrotec® is a ‘pipe-in-a-pipe’ solution in which a special purpose, small-bore ‘Messenger Pipe’ is inserted into existing water pipelines or similar for the purposes of installing ultra-fast fibre optic communication cables. ​​


Once the Atlantis Hydrotec® solution has been installed, it is possible to install a fibre-optic communications cable within the special purpose 'Messenger Pipe' which is designed to fully isolate the cable from the water, meaning that the cable never comes into contact with the water.


Whilst Atlantis Hydrotec® is designed specifically for water, it is perfectly suitable for use with other liquids, including distillates and gas.

This simple but effective solution overcomes the difficulties associated with more conventional FTTx delivery solutions: specifically the problems relating to digging up roads and driveways to the building, costs of excavation and time to install the fibre.

  • There are variants of Atlantis Hydrotec® pressure fittings to suit all pipe sizes and pipe material

  • The Atlantis Hydrotec® pressure fittings interface with industry standard pipe saddles or flange fittings

  • All 'wet-parts' are water industry approved and certified as safe to use within potable water networks by WRAS and NSF

  • Fibre provides a fully future proofed solution with ultra-fast connectivity suitable for all Next Generation communications and SMART Water Network requirements.

  • The infrastructure is already there - so why not us it?: Water pipes already link Water Company asset, communities and businesses so they provide an ideal ready-made conduit for providing next-generation true fibre communications exactly where they are needed

  • The Atlantis Hydrotec® system is particularly appropriate for extra-urban and rural locations

  • Installation is primarily trenchless so it is rapid, cost-effective, and achieved with a bare minimum of civil works and associated disruption, plus it is a very green and eco-friendly technique.

  • Uses are many and may include

    • High capacity data links

    • True-fibre communication links for broadband access; particularly in hard to reach rural areas

    • Water company control, monitoring & telemetry

    • Evidential grade CCTV for enhanced asset protection and new generation homeland security measures

    • Distributed & real-time pipe internal condition monitoring and leak detection combined with asset perimeter and access road security

Benefits Overview:
  • Next generation SMART Water network connectivity

  • Ultra-fast fibre linking all assets, sensors and actuators

  • Advanced, real-time leak detection when combined with our iSM Solution

  • Next generation SMART Water network connectivity

  • Ultra-fast fibre linking all assets, sensors and actuators

  • Advanced, real-time leak detection when combined with our iSM Solution

  • Fibre optic trunk and home-drop solutions

  • Use existing pipes as ready-made conduits

  • Trenchless deployment for fast and cost-effective rollout 

  • Rapid time to market and improved ROI

  • Fibre optic links for next generation 5G cells

  • Cost-effective rapid rollout with quick time-to-market

  • Ideal for hard-to-reach outlying rural areas; including water tower and reservoir telecom high points 

  • Fibre links to outlying rural locations for true, next generation broadband

  • Minimal neighbourhood disruption during installation

  • Addressing the digital divide and achieving full social inclusion



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