At CRALEY™, our message is ‘Innovation in SMART Infrastructure’ and our unique set of products are designed to provide significant advances on current techniques to provide better, faster and more cost-effective solutions.

The infrastructure is already there, so why not use it…

Water networks provide a highly connected and highly protected environment, providing pre-existing conduits in both dense urban areas as well as rural areas. The very nature of a water distribution network is that is ‘goes where people are!’


Our patented CRALEY Fibre™ ‘pipe-in-a-pipe’ solution is designed specifically to utilise this existing water infrastructure for the deployment of ultra-fast fibre optic communication links, with minimum disruption and at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional techniques.

Our whole suite of products has been designed to complement and integrate seamlessly with each other, creating a unique set of solutions specifically designed for trenchless pipeline management and communications; we call this integration our Internet-of-Pipes Platform™.

So, whether you are a Water Company, a Communications or Dark Fibre provider, a Mobile Operator or a Community seeking to deliver your own fibre broadband our solutions can deliver significant benefits to all:

Better, faster, more cost-effective… and much more environmentally friendly


Thank you for visiting our website, I hope you find it of interest and, if you would like more information, my team and I are ready to discuss your particular requirements.

Andy Harris

Founder and Chief Executive

CRALEY Group Limited

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CRALEY Fibre™ is a patented

'Pipe-in-a-Pipe' solution for delivering

high speed communication cables

through existing water infrastructure

CRALEY Sensing™ is an innovative pipeline integrity management solution for leak detection and asset security 

CRALEY Liner™ is a trenchless pipe relining solution incorporating ducts for the deployment of high speed communication cables.

Fast FTTH FTTx Connections
Pipeline Monitoring ad Leak Detection
BreezeLiner Trenchless Pipe Reliner FTTH




Civil Works





Traffic Disruption



The CRALEY™ 'Internet of Pipes' Platform™
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