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In-Pipe Fibre Optics for Communications and Sensing

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Since 2014, CRALEY Group have been developing and patenting innovative solutions for the advancement of SMART pipeline infrastructure. CRALEY Group focuses on 3 key areas: CRALEY Fibre, CRALEY Sensing and soon to be launched CRALEY Liner - coming soon. 

In-pipe fibre optics for an improved method of fibre optic deployment by using existing pipeline infrastructure. Pipeline networks provide a ready-made conduit for the deployment of fibre optic communication cables, and particularly with potable water, there is a highly interconnected network of pipelines that provides water to almost every household and business; from the reservoir right to the to tap, there will be a pipeline that has the potential to be utilised.

In-pipe sensing for use in pre-existing or new buried pipelines as well as overground pipelines. The real benefit of CRALEY Sensing, in-pipe sensing fibre, as opposed to an external one, is that you can achieve a greatly improved acoustic coupling between the sensing fibre and the fluid in the pipe, which in turn provides better sensing capabilities. The in-pipe nature of our solution also makes it an obvious choice for buried pipelines.

CRALEY Liner - Coming soon

In-pipe Relining for existing pipelines to extend their service life. The re-lining is achieved with a number of concentric polymer tubes, that are inserted into the existing pipeline, inflated with compressed air and fused together using a patented technique that requires no noxious chemicals, high temperature water, steam or heavy machinery. The liner is friendly to the environment, is BPA free and is manufactured from recycled polymers. 

CRALEY Integrated-Solutions
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In-Pipe Communications

  • In-pipe communication links

  • Broadband Connectivity

  • Municipality Broadband

  • Community Broadband

  • 5G Cell Connectivity

  • SCADA upgrades

CRALEY Sensing Burst Pipe

In-Pipe Fibre Optic Sensing

  • On-demand leak detection

  • Permanent 24/7 365 real-time leak monitoring

  • Supply pipe leak detection

  • Pipeline camera surveys

  • Asset mapping

  • Third-party intrusion detection

  • Water Terrorism (CBRN mitigation)


Trenchless Pipe Relining
- Coming soon

  • Laminate in place (LIPP™) polymer lining

  • Optional fibre optic cable integration

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Uses recycled plastic polymers

  • BPA Free

Our Solutions

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