Atlantis Hydrotec
Atlantis Hydrotec

Atlantis Hydrotec is a simple “pipe in a pipe” solution that provides a conduit to a building for the purposes of installing a communications cable.


By utilising our patented and water authority approved adaptors, a micro-bore pipe is installed within the existing water supply infrastructure without having any adverse effect to the water supply.


Once the micro-bore pipe is installed, a communications cable can then be safely installed within the micro-bore pipe, without it ever coming into contact with the water. The micro-bore is made out of the same materials as the existing fresh water supply pipe system.


This simple but effective solution overcomes the difficulties associated with more conventional FTTx solutions: the problems relating to digging up roads and driveways to the building, the costs of excavation and the time to install the fiber. It is these issues that have delayed the adoption of FTTx – the difficulty of connecting the final cable run to the building. Atlantis Hydrotec eliminates all of these issues and offers a cost-effective and pain-free alternative!


The solution is available in 3 distinct ranges:


  • The D Series is ideal for FTTx connectivity to individual properties and gated communities
  • The M Series is ideally suited for use within Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU’s)
  • The T Series is suitable for PTP core/trunk/distribution fiber and for connection to remote or rural locations

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The Benefits

This solution offers many benefits to the Homeowner, Network Builder and City/Community.

  • Home Owner

    • No damage to drives, gardens, lawns patios etc
    • The system is robust and safe to use & compliant to water standards
    • Zero impact on freshwater supply
    • No disruption – as there is no need for any intrusive construction work
    • No heavy machinery required
    • Quick to install – typically in less than 90 minutes
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Future-proof – existing cables can be replaced without disruption

  • Network Builder

    • Reduces negative perception from residents
    • Reduces CAPEX
    • Speedy deployment
    • Shorter time to achieve return on investment (ROI)
    • Lower investment in outside plant & machinery
    • Lower installation cost
    • Reduces carbon footprint
    • Viable solution for hard to reach locations
    • Removes the highly variable costs associated with the home-drop
    • Installation costs and times are independent of surface finish or run length

  • City/Community

    • Reduces negative perception from community dwellers
    • Efficient use of existing resources
    • Social inclusion
    • Less traffic disruption
    • Lower capex costs when community funded
    • Revenue generation
    • Green credentials
    • Lower ongoing operating costs
    • Attracts new business and residents

The Atlantis Hydrotec D-Series


The Atlantis Hydrotec D-Series is designed specifically to overcome the challenges of providing a connection between the public footway and the property.


It is fairly straightforward for service provider contractors to install fibre optic cables in the main carriageway; the surfaces and surrounding services are predictable. However, it is a very different story when it comes to providing a connection between the carriageway and the property. Once inside the consumer’s boundary, each and every ‘home drop’ effectively becomes a project in itself. The potential substrates experienced are infinatley variable; concrete, tarmac, cobbled sets etc. and the possibility of damaging other utilities whilst digging a trench to the property are high.


The D-Series solution overcomes these problems by installing a micro-bore pipe within the existing potable water supply pipe and negating these potential problems.


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The Atlantis Hydrotec M-Series


The M-series has been designed for use in multi-dwelling uinits providing fibre access to the existing structure of the building without the need for any alterations and overcomes the issues of landlord objections to works in communal internal areas.


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The Atlantis Hydrotec T-Series


The T-series has been specifically designed to be installed within water trunk mains pipes and eliminates the need for costly and disruptive trenching associated with more traditional technologies. The T-series enables long runs (up to 2km) between breakout points and can be rolled out quickly, covering average distances of 2km per day.


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